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released February 15, 2015

recorded, mixed and mastered by Totalitarian Principle between 10/'14 and 02/'15 at g16, berlin.



all rights reserved


Totalitarian Principle Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Dissident
halting chimes wake the fiend. keep it well but up in chains.
"the only sin is that i dare to hope." deceit and blunder.
admire and idolize to condemn and to ally. while every step inherits all the way. a vicious thought of animosity.
presentation. recalculate. obliteration. recreate.
partings done in lethargy no commotion elicited.
it's all white noise to me.
Track Name: Youth Free Youth
I. fever dreams. faulting fields. volatile.
unravelled counterfeit. disparate aims alike.
tangled up in blue. frowning concurrence. all but worn out trails lead nowhere now.
appalling parallels. as the days that go by. nothing left to abide.
all is well that ends. to the bone. tangled up in blue. there's no way out.
Track Name: A(void)ance
daunting past. trivial future. deadlock.
comrpomising every word and every vow to be apart.
countless turns of the hourglass leave me nothing but afraid.
coalesce what may come. we are young.
accellerations of decline.
the void in sight and yet with trembling hands we carry on.
distorted whispers to retain. aspiring echoes to refrain. we lost our way.
fatal threads won't come undone. we are young.
Track Name: Inertia
no escape. no relief. paradigm in abeyance.
all is light. all is well. all coerced sedation.
prosper and thrive. erratic conveyance.
obedience to all morbid monoliths.
corrections wear off and it never fails in permanence.
elusive we are. all these rites tempt fate and relevance.
progress in motion. logistic regression.